San Gennaro Festival Fri, Sep 21, 2012

The San Gennaro festival has arrived! And Team Exfm is first on the scene with a live report! Well, not really, but we did enjoy poking around the booths and taking in the sites and sounds! Now, this festival goes 11 days - which for me is a little much. There’s really only so much you can tolerate of carnies trying to get you to throw a basketball into a crooked hoop. Anyway, on to the pictures!

Before really getting into things, Kirk and I decided to bro out at Parm over some turkey sandwiches and friend calamari.

Kirk still stands by his statement that the best cannoli’s come from South Philly. Doesn’t everything, though?
My biggest regret this week was not getting a picture of Dan’s face when he found out that Ruby Rosa’s was not doing a brascoile sandwich this year. I can’t blame him - would you be dying to eat something from a cartoon pig?

That’s what I’m talking about - some old school, Little Italy sausage and peppers.
UMERTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’S… CLAM HOUSE! (Who got that Joe Beningo reference?)

Now that’s some brascoile!
The locals enjoy the fantastic weather we were blessed with.

Holy Cannoli!
Drew said he never had a cannoli before. JM looks like he’s couldn’t be less thrilled.

Little tip about pizza in NYC. It always looks better than it tastes.
This was the gem of the week. The Godfather from Parm, aka an Italian Combo hotdog!

Toby’s Public House (NoLita) Fri, Sep 14, 2012

This week, rather than exploring one of the surrounding neighborhoods, we decided to keep team lunch local in good old Nolita. Toby’s Public House is a nice little establishment right around the corner that has been slinging pizzas and other various Italian dishes to the locals since 2008. Also, the fact that Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement was at 1 and we had 30 minutes to eat and get back, this seemed like the perfect idea!

Dan is so enthralled by the menu, he doesn’t even notice that half of Marshall’s face is missing.
Oh, look! Some specials! That lasagna stuff sure looks good!

Jess and Kirk dig into some pizza! Wish this came out better, because this could have been the logo for our next top secret product. PizzaFM.
Who doesn’t love a good calamari?

Man, that’s a whole lot of calzone! I told Dan before that an Ohio State man would be able to eat most of that…
"GO BLUE!" - Dan

Much to my chagrin, this happened to be a meatless lasagna. I want names and numbers for who’s responsible for this.
Jess is none too impressed with her watermelon salad. Lesson learned. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

SPOILER ALERT: This week marks the start of the San Gennero Festival, so next weeks team lunch with be all of us reporting on the great findings we come across. We saw this outside. And we’re officially setting the over/under for the number of deep fried Nutter Butter’s that Marshall consumes at 17.

Team Lunch: Bread (NoLita) Thu, Sep 6, 2012

Last week, we welcomed Jason to the Team Lunch family. Now, this week we welcome Drew, our new Canadian intern. As tradition goes, that meant it was Drew’s job to select a restaurant for this week’s team lunch. We told him last night that this was the only homework he was getting. Well, if he were to be graded, he would have got an F! Not because the restuarant wasn’t good, but because he spent all morning texting Jess to give him an answer.

All in all, we’re all glad Drew reached out to Jess today for a lunch recommendation. We ended up going to Bread, which is a place I’ve always walked by, but never tried. It did not dissapoint! On to the pictues!

whole team
I tried to sneak up on the whole team for a candid picture, but nothing gets past Marshall.

Jess and Marshall hang on Dan’s every word. But then again, that’s what you have to do if you don’t want to pay for your lunch.
Kirk holding court about movies that were pretty terrible. Notice Drew the Intern taking copious notes on his phone.

Dan is not impressed that Jess hasn’t seen a single Die Hard movie.
Now the food! Jason’s healthy salad and my bowl of not-so-healthy-but-yummy pasta!

Considering that JM inhaled his Eggplant Parm in about 40 seconds, I would say it was pretty delicious.
Dan and Marshall think of a backup plan in case JM follows his true calling of being a professional eater.

Team Lunch: Tacombi (NoLita) Thu, Aug 30, 2012

Today, we welcome our newest member Jason to the Team Lunch family. A time honored tradition is the let the new hire pick the restaurant. After Dan shot down Jason’s first 37 suggestions, we finally settled on Tacombi. Considering we can pretty much eat fish tacos every day, no one disagreed with Jason’s decision.

For those of you not in the know, NYC is lacking in three things. 1) A logical and thought-out bus system. 2) Cool, mild and non-humid summers and 3) Great Mexican food. I’m not holding my breath for the first two, but Tacombi gives Gotham a much needed shot in the arm in the Mexican food department. On to the pictures!

Kirk and Marshall share a good laugh during a knee-slapping coversation about Elliot Smith’s violent and gory suicide.

Dan doing his best Ecce Homo impersonation.
Umm, how do they get out? Seriously…

The guac and chips are banging here. These went super fast.
Fresh civeche and fish tacos. BOOM!

Hey look! It’s the our new hire Jason at the end! Welcome aboard!

Team Lunch: Mission Chinese (East Village) Fri, Aug 24, 2012

When I first joined the team almost two months ago, there were whispers around the food blogosphere San Francisco powerhouse Mission Chinese was going to plant roots in NYC’s East Village. When that came to fruition, the masses pilled into this little Sichuan joint on Orchard St to get a first hand taste as what all the fuss was about. Of course, we decided to tackle this with a Team Lunch. But drats! It’s closed on Wednesday.

With our fearless leader Dan being out of town this week on vacation, Team Lunch fell into a tailspin, until Marshall, Jessica and I decided to resurrect it today. Since we slipped until Friday, we had to go big or go home. What could we possibly get to save Team Lunch? Mission Chinese.

I called in the order, and Jess and I went to pick it up. After having to fight the crowds, we finally got our food and walked it back to the office. It did not disappoint!

Marshall was tempted to dip his iPhone to the lunch spread, but managed to resist the urge.

If you press your nose to the image, you “might” be able to smell the wonderland of pork.
I present to you Thrice Cooked Bacon, Stir-Fried Pork Jowls and Radishes, and Salted Cod Fried Rice.

Team Lunch: Mile End Sandwich (NoHo) Fri, Aug 17, 2012

The Mile End Sandwich is quickly becoming a favorite for the team and only fitting it’s where we went for our first team lunch blog post. The back story on how we found this place is still a punchline around the office. The week before, Marshall picked a restaurant that was truly horrible and not even worth mentioning here. His punishement from Dan was that he was not allowed to pick the restaurant for two months. Of course, next week he sold us all on this place and we took the trip up. MINDS WERE BLOWN! This is a must for any sandwich junkie in the tri-state area. Our take-away is that Mile End has without a doubt the best chicken salad sandwich in the city. Kirk actually went back the next day to try the fried eggplant. Okay, on to the pictures…

The smoked and cured meat is what brings the masses to this humble little sandwich shop…

…but the chicken salad is what brings Team Exfm.
Marshall decided that his hotdog needed a little extra iPhone flavoring.

The smoked meat sandwich poses for its close-up.
Dan is also pleased with the results of the smoked meat…. and the close-up.

Welcome to Team Lunch Tue, Aug 14, 2012

Here at exfm, we take lunch very seriously. We have the great fortune of working in the heart of NoLita, which is crawling with fantastic dining options. We’re a stones throw from Chinatown and SoHo as well, which really makes it easy to find a great lunch everyday.  In fact, on Wednesday we have a team lunch!  It’s a great way to get the whole team to take a breather for an hour and enjoy some great food, great company and even a couple laughs here and there.

The purpose of this blog is to keep track of all our team lunches to share with you guys!  We’ll let you know what we liked, and what we didn’t like. What’s worth checking out, and what you should avoid. We’ll also try to keep you updated with any good one-off meals we find along the way. We had an impromptu Team Lunch today, so stay tuned for some pictures and reviews.  

Fri, Jun 24, 2011

What a great team!


Exfm victory lunch!  (Taken with Instagram at Balaboosta)

Awesome team. Jess is taking the picture and should have been in the shot! Great working with these people. Feels good to be part of a small, hungry team who love music. I wonder in thirty years will people look back at this like they do at the founding Microsoft team? Who knows!

What a great team!



Exfm victory lunch! (Taken with Instagram at Balaboosta)

Awesome team. Jess is taking the picture and should have been in the shot! Great working with these people. Feels good to be part of a small, hungry team who love music. I wonder in thirty years will people look back at this like they do at the founding Microsoft team? Who knows!

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