Port St. Willow - Holiday Thu, May 24, 2012

One year ago I was introduced to Port St. Willow through Weathervane Music’s online series Shaking Through. Nick Principe is the man behind Port St. Willow and it’s easy to fall in love with his breath taking falsetto and unique guitar arrangements. Some bands carry drums, bass, keyboards and more. Principe carries a guitar and suitcases full of distortion pedals and boxes making his sound one-of-a-kind and inimitable.

Since watching the Shaking Through session I had checked in regularly to see if he was playing live, but no avail. Then it happend, Port St. Willow literally dropped in to my lap. An angel sent to us from blogging God A Heart is a Spade filling the last opening on our bill during our most recent event. Fresh from recording his newest album Holiday in Portland, OR and enthusiastic as ever to get back on stage. In his own words, “knock off some rust / remind ourselves of what we do.” And knock off the rust he did. Performing many of the songs from Holiday for the first time to a live audience. I don’t remember a word being spoken. Just eyes forward in a trance like stare. The spell only broken when the last chord of the set was struck.

Some may say this is a sleepy album. I would say it has the ability to put you in a dream like state. Most of the tracks like “Amawalk” and “Tourist” build slowly. The guitar chords scaling upward in pitch and pace with percussion pushing the songs along until Principe reaches his fever pitch. One which would sound delicate in any other scenario, but because he has such control even the littlest release at the peak of a these songs feels like a great vocal breach. You have to wonder what he might sound like at full throttle.

Principe spent most of 2011 writing, recording and producing the Holiday which we’re featuring right here, all week long. We’re happy to help him spread the word about an album that he has worked so hard to self-release. It’s truly DIY at its finest. If you love this album as much as we do then show some love and appreciation for all the hard work put in to it by grabbing it over on the Port St. Willow bandcamp page.


Tue, May 22, 2012

Port St. Willow - Amawalk

Last week we were lucky enough to have Port St. Willow on our bill when we put on an event at Pianos with our friends over at Knox Road. Nick’s stunning falsetto and distorted guitar arrangements blew us away.

We don’t have any live footage from that night, but we did dig up a live session that he recorded with our pals Big Ugly Yellow Couch. During this session Nick performs “Amawalk” which also happens to be one of our favorite tracks off his newest album Holiday. If you like what you see above then head over to our Explore section where we are featuring Holiday all week long and listen in full.

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