New Release: Streamlined Interface, Metadata Editing and More Thu, Feb 3, 2011

We’ve just pushed version 2.1.1 out to the Chrome gallery.  It will update automatically in the next few days or you can manually update it via the extension view in Chrome. 

This version is completely based on feedback from our users—all great ideas that make exfm better! 

What’s New?

Editing: Right click on any track in your library to edit the track data.

Easier Noting and Sharing: These buttons are now persistent and part of a redesigned song layout.

Redesigned DropDown Player: A lot of changes here:

  • We’ve moved the play, pause, volume and Home buttons to the top of the dropdown box, so you no longer have to go all the way to the bottom of the dropdown to control your experience. 
  • The play button for each track is now inside the album art. 
  • You can now share songs from within the dropdown. Give it a try!

Better Recommendations. We’ve reduced the time frame so your recommended tracks within the noted tab are only songs with actions in the last week.

Keyboard shortcut for noting. Alt-n now notes (and un-notes) tracks. You can enable this and other keyboard shortcuts from the settings page within the extension.

And lastly, you can now post songs originally found on Soundcloud directly to Tumblr with our share box.

We love that everything in this release was suggested by exfm users.

What’s next for exfm?

We’ve had a lot of feedback about how to make the product more accessible overall, so we’re working to streamline the home tab, rework the queue and make the library more manageable. In other words, making it even easier for you to find great new music.

Thanks so much for your support of exfm and keep the feedback coming!

New Release: Recommendations and Improvements Mon, Jan 3, 2011

We are happy to announce we just released 2.0.4 to the Chrome Web Store. This release has a bunch of improvements, bug fixes and one new cool feature.

Recommendations For You

After releasing version 2, we (the exfm team) sat back and listened to a ton of new music noted by all the people we follow. A lot of the songs were great and each of us noted many tracks. After a few days, we realized that with all the new music flowing in, there was a ton of it that slipped by without getting the attention it deserved. We set out to build a way to correct this and ‘Recommendations for you’ was born. Under your Noted tab, you will now see this new section. It holds all the great music that everyone you follow likes but you have not yet noted. We will continue to tweak this but wanted to get it out there as soon as we could.

Infinite Scroll

You will also notice that lists which previous stopped at 50 songs now can be scrolled until the end. Your Noted Songs, people you follow’s Noted Songs and your Activity Feed can all be scrolled this way.

There are also many other small fixes in this release. One major thing people have been asking for is a way to reset your password if you forgot it. You can now do that from the Settings page. Please continue to email, tweet and let us know anyway you can how we are doing. As always, we appreciate all the support you’ve given us. Version 2 was a major release for us, and the amount of feedback you all gave us helped us push this release out and is helping us shape version 3. Thanks!

New Release: It’s all about Social Wed, Dec 1, 2010

Today’s a huge day for ExtensionFM.  We’re releasing V2 and we’re changing our name: starting now, we’re exfm.

Install V2 now, while it’s hot!

We are very excited to announce a major new release today. We’ve been working on this for the past 3 months and it is our biggest release to date. We’ve added a bunch of awesome social features to help you share all the amazing music you’ve been discovering with all your friends.

Here’s what new:

Noting songs
Since the beginning you have been asking for a way to ‘favorite’ or ‘love’  the tracks you find that are special. We’ve listened and we’ve done it in a way we know you’re going to love. Starting today, you can Note the songs you love. You’ll see gray musical notes next to songs throughout the extension: If you love a song and want to remember it, click the note icon to note it. The note icon will turn blue indicating it’s been noted.

Then what? Two things happen with every song you note:
1.  It gets added to a new tab in the extension called Noted. This tab lists all of the songs you note, with the most recent song at the top.  This is now a playlist; you can play or queue all of the songs in your noted tab.

2. If you have an exfm account, it is added to your shiny new public profile page, located at

Yep, that’s right- If you create an exfm account you now have a public web page with all of your noted songs. In addition, you can upload a profile pic, add your real name, bio, location and website. You can also follow and be followed by others.

Anyone can visit your page (in any browser) and listen to your noted tracks.  If they have the Chrome extension installed, every track on the page will be added to their library.

Check out our profiles:

Exfm profiles give you the opportunity to follow and be followed by other exfm users. When you follow someone, they will be added to your ‘Noted’ tab for easy access to the songs they’ve noted. Every song noted by people you follow will be added to your library and every song you note will be added to people’s library who follow you. You’ll also see the profile pic of people you follow right inside your library so you can always be sure of where a song came from.

In addition to noting, you can now post songs directly to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. It’s the simplest way to share the songs you love with your existing friends and followers. When you visit these sites, all songs posted by the people you follow will be playable right there on the page. They will also be added directly to your library and appear in you new Music Activity Feed.

When you share a song, an link will be sent out, directing users to the song page, where they can listen to the song, note it, and share it themselves. For people with the extension installed, the link will be playable right there on the page.

Let’s repeat that:
If your friends have the extension installed; Facebook and Twitter feeds become music feeds- every link posted will be a playable song.  Check it out on Twitter:

Song Pages
All songs now have their own public page — with a really short url — where anyone on any browser can listen to, note, and comment. These pages are perfect for sharing.

Recent Activity Feed
We’ve redesigned the ‘Home’ tab inside the extension to be a constantly updating activity feed of new music. New songs noted by people you follow on exfm will appear here, as well as songs shared by people you follow on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. You now have a central hub to play all the great music your friends have posted - wherever that may be.

Other Changes:
-The inline play button is now smaller and allows you to play, queue, note, share and buy every track that the extension identifies.
-You can turn off autoupdating for new sites in your library.  Go to the settings page in the extension to disable autoupdating for every site.
-We’ve also made various optimizations to improve performance

Your Feedback:
Most of the product improvments to date have come directly from you- in order to make it easier to submit feedback we’ve partenered with uservoice to provide two new forums; one for product ideas and the other for bugs.  You can access them both at  

Thank you so much for your support of us and keep the feedback coming- that’s what makes our product!

New Release: Bandcamp Support and Keyboard Shortcuts Tue, Aug 31, 2010

We just released 1.5.6 to the Chrome extension gallery. This new release adds support for Bandcamp as well as Keyboard Shortcuts and better sync between computers.

Bandcamp is an amazing service that offers bands the ability to create their own pages where they can stream music as well as sell it directly to their fans. We are proud to say that ExtensionFM now supports these pages. When you come across a Bandcamp album page, songs will automatically be added to your library. Of course, songs always have links back to the album page where they were found. If you like the music (and we know you will!), you can easily buy it by right-clicking on a song and then choosing ‘Buy’.

Check out some of these great artists and albums on Bandcamp:

Keyboard Shortcuts

You now have the ability to control playback using keyboard shortcuts. This makes it really simple to play, pause and skip tracks without having to change tabs or click on the Ex button. These will work on the player page as well as any page you currently have open. To enable, visit your Settings page and turn on this option. Please note, that these will not work on secure https pages.

New Sync

Also in this release is a completely revamped sync engine. If you have created an account you should notice a significant improvement in how well your libraries across multiple computers stay in sync.

We’d love to hear what you think about these new features. Leave us a comment here or on our UserVoice support page.

1.5.3 Released - More SoundCloud Support Mon, Aug 2, 2010

We just pushed out 1.5.3 to the Chrome Extension Gallery. This adds support for SoundCloud Groups, Tracks and Search.

Check these pages out for some great new music -

New Release: SoundCloud Support Tue, Jul 27, 2010

We just released 1.5.2 to the Chrome extension gallery. This new release adds support for SoundCloud!

In their own words - "SoundCloud is a new online audio platform that lets music professionals receive, send & distribute their music". In our words - SoundCloud has a ton of amazing music that you need to to listen to right now!

Support for SoundCloud works both on as well as any site that has a SoundCloud widget embedded (like this one).

SoundCloud support is really exciting because it opens up a direct link from the artist’s studio into the listener’s music library. If we think back to when bands used to record music for ten’s of thousands of dollars in a studio, then produce millions of plastic discs, then ship those discs to thousands of stores, then have listeners spend 20 minutes trying to open the plastic surrounding those plastic discs, well anyway you get the point. Now artists can make music for the cost of a computer, upload it to SoundCloud and within seconds it’s inside their fans’ music libraries. Pretty incredible!

In addition to SoundCloud, this release also adds Tumblr oAuth support. Previously, logging into Tumblr meant giving us your username and password. With oAuth, you now just tell Tumblr you trust us and they give us a token to use on your behalf. You can untrust us (don’t know why you’d ever want to do that!) any time you want and the token will stop working. It’s a lot more secure this way. If you are already logged in to Tumblr inside the extension, you may want to consider logging out and then logging back in with oAuth.

We’d love to hear what you think about these new features. Leave us a comment here or on our UserVoice page.

New Release: Library Search Mon, Jun 21, 2010

We just released 1.4.7 to the extension gallery. This new release adds the ability to search within your library.

When you are in the Library tab, a new search box on the top right will show up. The search works as you type. You can search for song name, artist, album or site. The search works in both List view and Grid view.

In addition, we just opened a UserVoice account to more efficiently gather your feedback. You can find it at Please don’t be shy about leaving feature requests as well as bugs. Most of what we do is based on your feedback. The more, the better!

New Release: Desktop Notifications, Undelete and More Tue, Jun 8, 2010

We just released 1.4.3 to the gallery. This new release adds some much-requested features as well as a few that take advantage of some new features in Chrome 5.

Desktop Notifications

You now have the option of receiving a desktop notification when a new song starts playing. The notification will show you the song, artist, album, site and cover art of the new song.

Notifications are off by default but can be turned on in the Settings page.

New Player Buttons

There are two new buttons on the bottom page player. This is the player that shows up on the bottom of the page if you are playing songs from that site. The first is the Home button. Click this and it will open up a new tab to the full extension (or focus the tab if it is already open). The second button is Remove. Click this and the player will remove itself from the page. It will stay off the page for the life of the tab. If you open the site on a new tab, the player will appear on that tab.


You can now undelete a site that you previously deleted from your library. To undelete, just visit the site and click on the ExtensionFM button. You will see an option to undelete the site which will add the site and all its songs back to your library.

Unlimited Storage

Chrome 5 now allows extensions to have unlimited storage for its data. The previous limit was 5MB. Many people were hitting this limit as their libraries grew in size. Once the limit was hit, the extension stopped functioning properly. Unlimited storage fixes this problem.

As always, we’d love your feedback. Please join our Group and tell us what you think!

New Release: CloudSync and Design Sat, May 8, 2010

We just pushed out 3.7. This new release adds a long-requested feature: CloudSync. You can now create an account and then sync your library to the cloud. If you have two (or more) computers running ExtensionFM, you can log in on the other computer(s) and your library will remain in sync across all of them. If you add or delete sites and songs on one computer, those changes will be reflected on all.

The other big change is an overhaul of the design. Most things are still in the same place, just a lot prettier :)

If you want to sync your library, here is how:

On the Home tab, click the ‘Log In / Sign Up’ link on the top right:

If you already have an account, log in:

To create an account, click the ‘Sign Up’ link:

After you have created an account, your library will sync to the cloud. It may take a few minutes depending on the size of your library:

We’d love to hear what you think about the new design and features. Come join our Group and let us know what you think!

New Release: Logging and Stability Improvements Wed, Mar 17, 2010

The latest release (3.3) introduces a new log to help track down crashes. It also has a bunch of minor bug fixes and overall stability improvements.

The Log is located on the Options page. Here is how to access it and report crashes:

Open up the Extensions Page:

Click on the Options button for ExtensionFM:

Click on “Log” on the bottom of the Options page:

This will open the log. Click on the “Report This” button to send us the log:

It is important to send us this log as soon as you can after a crash. That way we can see what happened leading up to the crash. Thanks!

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