Exfm User Spotlight: kamranm1200 Tue, Jul 31, 2012

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This week we chat with exfm legend Kamran. We’re big fans of him and his spirit and love of exfm. He even put together this amazing exfm video walk-through all on his own. His answers below might be short and sweet, but make no mistake this kid’s passion speaks volumes. Go Kamran!

What is one of your favorite/most magical musical experiences?

One of my favorite musical experiences was going to see Katy Perry’s live concert because I got to meet her in real life. I was even in the front row which was amazing. I’ve been to a few other concerts as well.

If you had to pick a favorite artist(s) who would it be?

My favorite artists are Katy Perry, Makayla Lynn, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and a few others.

If you had to share one artist right now who would it be? Why?

If I were to share one artist with a friend it would be Makayla Lynn because she’s a good singer and she picks the best songs to cover.

What genres of music are you into most?

The genres I’m into most are pop and country.

Anything else music related, hobby related, or whatever related you’d like to share?

I love music very much and I love how I can listen to it just by using exfm. I am into computers very much and Macs!

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