Thu, Mar 24, 2011

SXSW Wrap Up - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly //

I know I’m a little late on the SXSW wrap up, but I’ve just barely recovered from all the music festivities this past week and I finally have my head on straight enough to clearly recount the events that took place in a magical city called, Austin.  Below is a break down of highlights, lowlights and miseries.

The Good: 

MEGABLAAG: I’m not just saying this because exfm is awesome, but it really was a major highlight speak to anyone who was there.  It’s the truth and we have the pics to prove it.  

Fader Fort: As you can see from the pics above Fader Fort was crazy. On Thursday, we got a spot on the bleachers and parked there all day long.  The most talked about act was by far Odd Future and they totally lived up to the hype.  Stage diving off the speakers and breaking one concert goers nose, flipping off the crowd, closing with “F*ck the Police.”  They totally set that high energy tone.  Which flowed perfectly in to the next set Brooklyn duo, Matt & Kim.

Matt & Kim came out ready to rock.  They are always amazing.  If you have never seen them I would highly recommend getting on that.  Not only did they play a great set, but as you can see in the pics above Erykah Badu, joined them on stage for, "Lessons Learned" who’s music video inspired Erykah’s video, "Window Seat".  Needless to say, it was a unique moment that definitely made highlight reel.  

Mog Party: This year Mog held their party at the Mowhawk a cool indoor/outdoor venue near Stubbs.  The show stoppers were by far TV on The Radio and Big Boi, who performed many old songs as far back as the Aqumeni days.  Growing up on that album, made this one of the golden moments of SXSW.

IGIF Floating Fest/Killer Tofu: The boys of, I Guess I’m Floating put together the best non-badge show at SXSW.  I found myself ending up at their events all through the day and night.  Props to them for booking great venues and some seriously legit acts.

The first event, Floating Fest was a day long celebration at Lovejoys which featured acts like, Group Love, Cloud Nothings and Baths.  The next day they continued the musical extravaganza with a second event, where they teamed up with Big Ugly Yellow Couch for an all day and night music marathon called Killer Tofu.  Memory House, Gobble Gobble and Brahms were just some of the acts you would have seen there.  This was by far the best non-badge fiesta to attend and at times just the best to attend.

The Bad:

AT&T, listen we know there was about 100,000 extra bodies in the city of Austin during SXSW, but leaving half of us with zero service totally sucked.  Do you know how hard it is to meet up with people in a crowd that large with out sending a text?  I can barely meet my friends at our local watering hole with out a five minute back and forth text sesh let alone at SXSW.  A tip of the hat to you AT&T for being the worst service provider ever.

The Ugly: I know you’re probably thinking that nothing at SXSW could be so awful that it falls in to this category, but think again.  Dan, our CEO got food poisoning from some questionable street meat and was out of commission for nearly two days. Also, St. Patty’s day coincided with SXSW which was fine until night fall where I saw some things that I can never unsee, to disturbing to blog about.  Let’s just say it was a collision of worlds I hope to never experience again.

Overall, SXSW was an extraordinarily positive experience.  As a company we really got a chance to show our product off to our core audience.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and gave us something to be excited about upon our return to NYC. The music scene is a lot to handle but with a few good wingmen and an easygoing attitude anything is possible.

Tue, Mar 22, 2011

Another vid of Gobble Gobble kicking off #Megablaag!!! with a bang. They really are a band that must be witnessed live. Preferably in a small club with hundreds of awesome music bloggers. Good times.

(Sorry it cuts off at the end. Battery literally died on me. Boo.) 

Thu, Mar 17, 2011


I think I speak for everyone at exfm when I say that MEGABLAAG was an amazing success.  Minus a few little hiccups (me having to run and get a missing mixer) everything else went off without a hitch.  Thanks to Mark of yvynyl and Peter of EHOB for pulling in the creme de la creme of music bloggers and taste makers to this event. It was really a very impressive scene. Our guests varied from The SFCritic to Soundcloud and even Yours Truly as you can see in the picture that Kirk posted earlier.

We got to demo our new music player for blogs and the chance to show off our up coming app for iPhone and Droid.  The response was overwhelmingly positive. People couldn’t wait to get their hands on the phone app and let me know they were jealous I was in possession of it. I showed off our app so many times I had to keep charging my phone behind the bar.  Thank goodness for friendly bartenders! 

All the Dj’s were amazing, but at the end of the night, Gobble Gobble completely stole the show.  Dan posted a video from last night and above is the one I took.  There were actually people crowd surfing in a space the size of a large walk in refrigerator.  Not to mention there were ceiling fans that we were sure going cause someone major damage.  Regardless, there was no stopping them.  It was nuts!

As a music blogger and employee at exfm it was a true collision of worlds and it was the only collision I have every enjoyed in life.  Instead of leaving me bruised and bloody it left me happy and exhilarated.  I couldn’t have asked for a better night or group of people to share it with.  There is no reason this party shouldn’t be a repeat every year at SXSW.  I’m sure we will have people knocking down the door to be a part of it.

Wed, Mar 16, 2011

Hello and good morning fellow exfmer’s!  I flew in last night and was greeted gingerly by the whole team.  We had a little bonding time at Malaga’s Tapas & Bar in downtown Austin.  I would highly recommend heading there for the extensive choice of tapas and ten page wine list filled with delicious Spanish wines. 

After our bellys had their fill we headed over to see the Beach Fossils as well as some Diamond Rings and don’t forget to throw some RJD2 into that mix, just for good measure.


The last day of the Accelerator Competition is today. We have some stiff competition in the music and technology sector, but nothing we can’t handle.  Judges will choose the winner this afternoon so keep your fingers crossed for us.

After the competition, there is tons of fun to be had.  Below is a list of events you might see us at today.  Keep an eye out for a motley cru wearing black exfm t-shirts.

1:00 - The Vaccines // First Baptist Church (901 Trinity St.)

2:00 - Woodsman // Dot Com Day Stage, Austin Convention Center (500 E. Ceasar                  Chavez St, Exhibit Hall D)

3:00 - Hello Music & Taylor Guitars Showcase // Rusty Spurs Dancehall and Saloon    (405 E. 7th St.) 

5:00 - New Zealand Showcase // West Tent, Brush Square Park (409 E. 5th St.) 

7:00 - Merge Records Showcase (Wye Oak,Times New Roman and more) // The Parish              (214 E. 6th St.)


One word MEGABLAAG! We will be sponsoring the yvynyl party tonight at The Brixton, starting at 8:00 and rocking out till 2:00 am.  There will be demo’s, beer and dancing. We can’t wait!


8:00 - Wise Blood

9:00 - Young Magic

10:00 - Purity Ring

11:00 - Night Jewel

12:00 - Gobble Gobble (Live) 

See you out there - jp 

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