Thu, Jun 28, 2012

My romance with Conveyor began in 2011 after laying ears on their appropriately titled Sun Ray EP. After exchanging a few jovial emails and hanging out with a couple of the guys during CMJ I knew they were destined for great things. Fast forward to the present and impending release of their self-titled debut. It seems that our earlier romance has turned in to a full blown love affair.

Sun Ray is a great look in to the beginnings of Conveyors experimentation while their EP Three Carols which was also released that same year displays how important folk music is to their aesthetic. On Sun Ray you can hear that they start to blend folky guitar lines with drum loops and electronic samples and for their upcoming release they’ve taken a great leap forward and pushed the experimental aspects ten fold.

It seems that all the bands coming out of Florida lately like Holiday Shores and Hundred Waters really have a unique take on what pop should sound like and Conveyor although they are now located in Brooklyn, but also originally from Florida also have a unique perspective to share with us. So much so that it’s nearly impossible to ignore. However, since the human brain functions in categories and similes we will throw in a broad comparison and say that their sound could be the love child of Yeasayer and Animal Collective.

Songs like the album opener “Woolgatherer” and “All” are the tracks where Conveyor really went for it experimentally. While “Right Sleep” and “Two Davids” stick to heart-felt folk roots and contagious harmonies. What I really love about Conveyor is their ability to push their limits without compromising the integrity of their songwriting or taking themselves to seriously. As a listener you are kept on your toes with little twists and surprises. For instance there is “Mane,” a song runs from acoustic guitar peaking with a layers of electronic harmonies before doing a 180 back to acoustic. The lyrics are a serious depiction of longing and words unsaid, but the song still feels light and free.

Conveyor has been able to keep the emotion and truth that folk music offers and that fans of the genre feel so connected to and mix in experimental aspects and luscious harmonies in a brilliantly DIY fashion with a little help from their friends over at Paper Garden Records. We’re excited to be a part of their album release party and we hope to see you all out there tonight at Mercury Lounge.

Right Sleep

Listen to the full album here

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