Tall Tall Trees - Moment Wed, Mar 28, 2012

Moment" is the testament to the evolution a band can experience between their freshmen and sophomore albums as well as a great example of how Kickstarter has helped musicians raise the funds that translate in to real studio time.

Although Tall Tall Trees have not lost their folk and bluegrass influences they have lead this album with an indie rock sound and woven in elements of traditional Brazilian, African and Indian music which can be heard most clearly in “Alaska” and “Waiting On The Day” creating a fresher more innovative dynamic. Listen as Tall Tall Trees creates music with out boundries, seamlessly blending styles and genres to create something uniquely their own.

For “Moment” Mike Savino installed a humbucker pick-up typically used with electric guitars into his banjo and plugged into an amp. But maybe even more noticeably he took a turn with his song writing, while still keeping it light he’s moved from a comedic style of lyricism to a more introspective personal approach. Kyle Sanna who had in the past stuck to acoustic switched to electric guitar and started playing more keyboards. Mathias Kunzli got behind the drumset and they added a fourth member, Benjamin Campbell on bass. What you get from that and what we can all feel after listening to the album is the switch from a quirky bluegrass sound to an experimental folk-rock band with pop appeal.

The album as a whole is best summed up by the band on their bio page: “Originally sparked by a camping trip into the Alaskan wilderness, the album tells the tale of a man searching for connection with his environment and the people around him. On the final night of their trip, exhausted and beaten nearly mute by the elements, the Tall Tall Trees sat around a campfire in a rocky, dried-out riverbed when the clouds parted, revealing the biggest moon they’d ever seen. One word was uttered. Moment.”

You can grab “Moment” on their bandcamp page. We’ll probably be adding it to our office vinyl collection soon. Yes, it’s that good.

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