San Gennaro Festival Fri, Sep 21, 2012

The San Gennaro festival has arrived! And Team Exfm is first on the scene with a live report! Well, not really, but we did enjoy poking around the booths and taking in the sites and sounds! Now, this festival goes 11 days - which for me is a little much. There’s really only so much you can tolerate of carnies trying to get you to throw a basketball into a crooked hoop. Anyway, on to the pictures!

Before really getting into things, Kirk and I decided to bro out at Parm over some turkey sandwiches and friend calamari.

Kirk still stands by his statement that the best cannoli’s come from South Philly. Doesn’t everything, though?
My biggest regret this week was not getting a picture of Dan’s face when he found out that Ruby Rosa’s was not doing a brascoile sandwich this year. I can’t blame him - would you be dying to eat something from a cartoon pig?

That’s what I’m talking about - some old school, Little Italy sausage and peppers.
UMERTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’S… CLAM HOUSE! (Who got that Joe Beningo reference?)

Now that’s some brascoile!
The locals enjoy the fantastic weather we were blessed with.

Holy Cannoli!
Drew said he never had a cannoli before. JM looks like he’s couldn’t be less thrilled.

Little tip about pizza in NYC. It always looks better than it tastes.
This was the gem of the week. The Godfather from Parm, aka an Italian Combo hotdog!
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