Vacationer - Gone Wed, May 2, 2012

After hearing Gone I had decided two things. One, it needed to be our featured album and two, they were definitely from the west coast. I had even pin pointed it to San Diego. They just have that vibe about them that screams beach, sun, relaxation. Needless to say, I was wrong, but only about the second statement. First I checked their facebook and it said “The eastern seaboard’s foremost relaxation specialists.” I was sure it was a mistake so I took a quick look at their twitter profile and it said the same, but with the location as Philadelphia, PA. FYI Philly was named the number one most polluted city by Forbes in 2011. No one wants to vacation on that coast line especially with all those superfund sites slowly seeping in to the water.

Enough about Philadelphia’s environmental problems. The point is this that Vacationer’s sound is perfect for a summer road trip to a festival with you best pals, a relaxing week at the beach, or a crazy spring break. With the variety infectious perfectly crafted pop found on this album there is really something for every kind of listener.

Vacationer is lead by Kenny Vasoli and producer Matt Young. Vasoli’s bassline serves as the one constant driving force throughout the album. Tracks like “Good As New” and “Trip”are fashioned in the same way that TV Girl crafts their sample heavy, extremely catchy pop songs that still manage to keep their orginality. They feature perfectly placed samples of amazonian jungle sounds, violin and piano loops, hip-hop beats and sunny memorable melodies that you’ll find yourself humming later on. The mellower of the tracks like “Having It All” could have come straight off Beach House’s most recent album.

Every year we look forward to finding that album that will be tied to our favorite memories from our summer adventures. I can’t listen to The Killers Hot Fuss without it taking me back to that one crazy summer I lived in a house right on a beach with eight of my closest friends. Although I no longer have the luxury of spending the summer on the beach I hope to make some more sun drenched memories this summer and I choose to have this album by my side while I do so.

Get your summer started early by pressing play on Gone and then grab it right here on vinyl, CD or digital because you know you’ll be wanting it in your permanent collection.

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