North Highlands - Wild One Thu, Mar 22, 2012

Wild One is a heart breakingly honest collection of songs compiled from the growing pains one might experience on their way to adulthood. The woes and pleasures of life are delivered by the striking vocals of lead singer Brenda Malvini who may most obviously be compared to Sterolab’s Laetitia Sadier or Twin Sister’s Andrea Estella.

Band members Mike Barron, Daniel Stewart, Jasper Berg, Andy Kasperbauer manage to create textured layers and interesting timing structures without loosing Malvini in the mix as she guides the band through each track. It’s as if every instrumental detail on the album is designed to accommodate her vocal aesthetic. It’s clear that she is the ring leader.

Tracks like “Lion Heart” showcase the bands ability to bring in instruments like the violin and piano to create beautiful orchestral layers. While “Benefits” reels the listener in slowly and then casts them back out with the whip of a quick tempo change making for one of the most engaging and interesting tracks on the album.

Although Wild One was released in October 2011 North Highlands have been riding its wave of success right in to 2012 recording their first Day Trotter session and touring the States. As we all know great albums are timeless and Wild One is indeed a classic in our book.

Lion Heart
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