Site of The Day Recap Sun, Apr 10, 2011

We introduced you to some pretty cool sites this week. Three music blogs, one of which is totally dedicated to soul music, two great bands, one amazing record label and one DJ who scratches live while a drummer and keyboardist perform with him.

Monday: The beginning of the week started with L.A. blog, Losing My Edge. This blog has a simple formula, “promote the work of artists I currently fancy” In hopes that we will fancy them too. And guess what, we do! 

Tuesday: La Big Vic filled up our Tuesday spot. They have managed to create a whole new soundscape using synth, guitar, violin and vocals. Bonus points for originality. 

Wednesday: Sacramento’s Waaga Records was on deck for Wednesday’s pick. Check out their talent they do not disappoint.

Thursday: We wanted to mix it up a bit and add in some serious pop culture. That’s why we directed you to Culture Cowboy. Yeeehaw!

Friday: We spent Friday helping you learn more about Alcoholic Faith Mission. They have been getting some heavy rotation around the exfm office so we thought we’d share.

Saturday: Keys N Krates was featured on Saturday. With all the computerized DJing going on we thought it would be cool to kick it old school. 

Sunday: Put some soul back in your life with Soul Sides, a blog wholly dedicated to soul music. Hint: James Brown has his own category.

Site of The Day: Losing My Edge Mon, Apr 4, 2011

Losing My Edge is a simple music blog with impeccable taste based out of L.A. all things good are located here.

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