Thu, Jul 19, 2012

Although I’m not an artist I know as a person I’d like to think that I have more than one dimension. It seems that most people categorize electronic artists and producers by putting them in to a box. Artists like Germany Germany real name Drew Harris go out of their way to experiment, grow and try new sounds showing their multifaceted dimensions and refusing to resign themselves to one specific genre.

By listening to Harris’ lengthly discography it’s easy to see that he’s a talented producer always in motion. You can tell that the music just flows out of him like second nature. Not that he wants to make it, but that he really doesn’t have a choice in the matter. On his last album Adventures he was veraciously riding the “Chill Wave” and with Electrolove another previously released album you feel the more traditional aspects of an electronic producer peaking out while still remaining true to the pop sensibility that has stuck with him no matter what genre he’s tackling.

With his newest release Blank Mind Empty Heart Harris is back at it again switching up his style and mastering a new sound. While he prefers to let the music speak for himself he has said that “Rather than get comfortable with the sounds I made on Adventures, I wanted to branch out, try some new things and try to create something unique.”

For this album he’s really taken on the full producer roll. Creating dreamy electro-pop with talented vocalists like Kotomi featured on three tracks our favorite being “With You” and Steffaloo featured on “Disconnect” an emotionally charged track that showcases Harris’ uncanny ability to build an expansive electronic soundscape around a vocalist’s hazy melody.

It seems that although Harris has tried something new he’s first taken a pensive step back and asked himself how he can apply all that he’s already learned to this project. With Blank Mind Empty Heart he seems more focused and in control than ever. He’s able to build tracks around featured artists and experiment with his own vocal presence as well. By pushing his creative process his music always feels fresh. Luckily for Harris and for our ears no matter which direction he seems to go the results are always fantastic.

With You Ft. Kotomi
Blank Mind Empty Heart
Disconnect Ft. Steffaloo

Listen to the full album here. Download the album from bandcamp.

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