Some Important News Thu, May 15, 2014

Hey everyone, we know we’ve been pretty quiet around Exfm’s future, but rest assured we’ve been busy talking with folks figuring out the best path forward. While we don’t have anything to announce today, we are confident we will very soon.

Back in December, we announced we were going to shut down Exfm. While we were able to keep it running for a few more months, unfortunately that is no longer the case. On Monday, May 19th, 4 days from now, we are going to shut down Exfm. This includes the website, mobile apps, extensions and API. We urge you to export your loved songs and sites now.

We will continue to communicate what our plans are via email, our blog and Twitter. We’ll leave you with this — we are very excited for what’s next and believe we will ultimately provide you with the best music service in the seven kingdoms.


DanMarshall & Jason

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    Sad to see you guys go :( I now have no sites for finding/listening to Music, it’s horrible, let’s hope you come back...
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    woooooooow :(
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    exfm이 5월 19일부로 종료하네요. 음악 데이터 다른데로 대피시키시켜야 되겠네요.
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