Site of The Day Recap Sun, Apr 3, 2011

This past week we featured three very different blogs, two bands, one DJ/producer and a charming little label out of Brooklyn as our sites of the week. In case you forgot to check them out each day, below is a little recap for you.

Monday: We started the week off with a Brooklyn based blog by the name of GIMME TINNITUS. The site speaks for itself. Head on over and here what it has to say.

Tuesday: Mother Mother fell right in to Tuesday’s spot. This Canadian born and bread band just released their newest album, Eureka and its been in constant rotation in the exfm office.

Wednesday: Hump day was kicked of by petite Brooklyn record label, Papergarden Records. They may be small but they pack a punch with artists like Little Tybee, Emanuel and The Fear and Alcoholic Faith Mission.

Thursday: We chose to feature L.A. Band, Incan Abraham for their addictive dreamy psychedelic pop rock sound.

Friday: MySpoonful keeps it simple by introducing you to three artists a week that they think you should know about.

Saturday: This day was dedicated to talented Dj/producer Wise Blood. Remixing and recreating your favorite, pop, rock and rap songs in a way you never imagined possible.

Sunday: If you’re needing some classic reggae or dancehall reggae in your life then TRC-931 is the place to be.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks picks and we look forward to recapping with you next week.

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