LA Font - The American Leagues Thu, Apr 12, 2012

If you dig the slacker-rock of the ’90s then this week’s album The American Leagues is just right for you. LA Font mixes a slew of influences on this gem - from Pavement, to Blur, to old schoolers The Cars. Rest assured, it’s not just fluff or an homage though, there’s real talent here and the songs are super catchy as well as being unique. The arrangements, pace, and lyrics all work to make The American League a dynamite album from start to finish.

Things start off well with the opening cut Fine Lines setting the mood with its jangling guitars, thumping drums, and scratchy vocals. All of it working wonderfully together. The album doesn’t let up from there. Following on the heels of the opening cut is the superb, standout title track, The American Leagues complete with naming dropping of their obsession, hockey player, Sidney Crosby. And it just keeps going strong from there making for one heck of album.

Fine Lines
The American Leagues
Evening Tea (on the Balcony)

Check out more good stuff from LA Font on their bandcamp page. You’ll be glad you did.

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