Relative Pitch: Giving a Damn Mon, Oct 24, 2011

I watched a snippet of Celebrating Steve today. Apple’s tribute to their irreplaceable leader. I was most interested in hearing Jonathan Ive speak. He and Jobs had a special bond. You could just tell. I wanted to hear what Ive had to say about Steve because he knew him better than anyone else. What made Jobs so special?

The secret: Giving a damn.

Ive remembered Jobs saying that all the time. Giving a damn. Jobs cared about Apple more than anybody. He obsessed over it daily. He wanted every single aspect of Apple to be great for every single user. That’s why their products feel different because their products have feelings imbued into them. 

Take a look at your company. Do you have someone like that? Even better are you like that? You don’t have to be the greatest CEO of all time. It can start on a much smaller level than that. If you’re responsible for one tiny aspect of your company, give a damn about it. Obsess over it. Care about it. Do it better than anyone else can. If you don’t, you’re in trouble and so is your company. I’m not saying you or your company is not going to be successful. You might. But you’ll never be great. To be great you have to give a damn about every single aspect of your company. Because if you don’t no one else surely will. 

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